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General Questions

After We Book, When Do We Meet Again?

You’ll receive your ‘Wedding Finals’ email about 2 months prior asking you to log onto our planning portal. You’ll be able to access planning forms for all services and update any contact information.  Following that we’ll meet approximately 30 days before your wedding for your ‘finals’ appointment to review and discuss all the important details of your day.

Is Gratuity Included?

Gratuity in not included in any of our costs.  Although tipping is not mandatory it is very well appreciated.  If you felt your team rocked your reception 10 percent to 20 percent of the total fee is a customary way to showcase your gratitude.

How Do Payments Work?

We break your balance down to 3 payments.  You 1st payment or “retainer” is due on the acceptance of your contract, your 2nd payment is due 180 days prior to your reception, and final payment 30 days prior to your celebration.  You can view your payment due dates on your contract. If any payment is missed by the payment date noted on contract, the contract can be null and void.   Retainers & payments are non-refundable.

How do you handle overtime? 

You can purchase additional time by paying overtime at the beginning of the hour with venue approval.  All overtime is purchased on an 1/2 hour basis.  Overtime rate depends on the package but starts at $350+ per hour per service. Overtime must be payed via cash prior to the staff member continuing their service.


DJ Entertainment

Do I have to pick all the music?

We highly suggest you pick all your formality songs such as your 1st dance, parent dances, and ceremony music etc..  Of course if you need assistance with some songs, we are here to help you outAs to your reception music, usually if you provide us with a couple genres or artist that you like, we’ll have no problem figuring out the rest.

What happen if my DJ can’t make it to my wedding?

If your DJ happens to be injured (although we’ve had DJ’s spin weddings with a broken leg), is sick or terminated from the company, if time allows, we will notify you and furnish you with an equally amazing entertainer.

How much time do you need to load in your equipment?

A minimum of 2 hours prior to ceremony, cocktail hour & reception is needed to properly set up and test equipment for most packages (Some packages may require additional time).  Each location must be clear and available for load in and set up for the full 2 hours.

Photography/ Videography/ Cinematography

When does the Photographer/Videographer arrive to start the day? 

Your Photographer arrives about 1-1/2 hour before you need to leave for the ceremony. If portraits are being done before the ceremony, the Photographer will arrive an additional 1-2 hours earlier. The Videographer starts setting up at the ceremony location about an hour prior to the service unless your contract includes coverage of the bride’s dressing.

How should I prepare for the portraits on the wedding day? 

It’s wise to have someone in your family or bridal party help assemble all parties for the portrait session. Inform your family and bridal party of the location and time of the portrait session before the wedding so it’s one less thing for you to think about).

When will my wedding pictures be ready?
Depending on the season, our wedding pictures are ready about 4 – 8 weeks after your wedding. You’ll receive information on how to order your wedding album and prints at this time.

What is required from me to complete my video? 

Please complete and return the Video Form so we can begin production on your video. Our Video Editors require about 4-6 months from the time you submit all your materials to complete your video.



Thanks again for the opportunity to be part of your most important day! We look forward to exceeding your expectations! -theAcelebs

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