Enhancements - Lighting, Video Displays & Extras

One of the largest visual impacts to add in your wedding reception plan and design is lighting. Different lighting options are available according to your preferences. Whether you envision your reception to consist of bold, vibrant colors and patterns, or a more subtle up-lighting to accent your reception dinner, we offer multiple options that sway the perception of your crowd into emotional moments, or stir up guests to reveal their wild party sides. Our production team are experts in proper lighting to take your wedding reception to another level. No matter what mood you are trying to evoke, our specialists use computer controlled lighting to create an elegant atmosphere as well as a ‘nightclub’ dance floor.

Custom Intelligent Lighting

Customized intelligent lighting gives the ability to control lighting colors, speed, brightness, and patterns to correlate with your wedding theme, as well as your current atmosphere. We highlight transitional periods with Custom Intelligent Lighting, from First Dances, to Grand Entrances, or an energetic atmosphere. Your wedding reception is guaranteed to be thriving with lively energy throughout your celebration.


LED Ambient Up-lighting


Uplighting is the way to create a truly magical environment. We use up-lighting to bring out the color scheme of your event, or to create an in-depth perception in your venue. We have perfected our performance in creative spirit and technological advances with uplighting to transform your wedding day dream into an amplifying reality.

Monogram Projection (Gobo)

Brand your signature wedding name! We display your signature name to be projected from our monogram (gobo) for an elegant, festive enhancement in your reception. Your wedding is one of the most important, memorable lifetime events, so your name should be displayed anywhere in your venue to be remembered by your guests.

The Black Light Show

Take your guests to the next level of excitement with this one of a kind enhancement.  At a special moment of the evening we will coordinate with your venue to turn off all the lights and blast our 800watts of Black Light on to your crowd for a wow moment.  We also hand out white gloves and blinking props to enhance the effect.

Video Displays

Our HD video displays add a large, exciting visual component to your wedding celebration. With many different video screen options from our 60″ HD displays, or 12’x6′ HD video wall our displays are used for simple, yet personal photo montages that reflect the bride and groom’s childhood memories. We can even add in a classic home video that comes as a surprise to your guests. During the celebratory segments of your wedding, we offer a live video broadcast, where guests on the dance floor can see themselves in action within the crowd. This feature also benefits the guests in the room who can watch the fireworks from all angles, just by sitting in their seats. This feature is awesome for Destination Weddings, so you and your guests can watch your ceremony recaps and relive the magic all over again.


Dancing On Clouds

Create a memorable first dance or entrance on your special day with our dancing on clouds effect. This low lying smoke effect rises about 12″ from the floor, taking you and your guests beyond a simple dance and into a magical moment. The white cloud effect is simply made with water and contains no chemicals or oils, and is used to shock everyone’s excitement and expectations! This enhancement truly makes your wedding reception unforgettable.


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